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Test workflows


Workflow testing does not currently show representative results for macros in incident workflows.

For best results, test each action after you add it to the workflow:

  1. Add a new action to the workflow and define the fields and operations for that action.

  2. Save the workflow.

  3. Open the Workflow Tester at the bottom of the Event Workflow window.

  4. Define a test for the action.

    For the test to succeed, you must define one or more input fields that result in valid output. The input fields and values to test depend on the specific action. Here are some examples:

    • For a Query Catalog action, the input field should match the lookup field and the value should match an entry in the catalog.

    • For a Split action, the input value should include at least one example of the delimiter string you defined.

    • For a Template Field Action, the test should include all input fields required by the template.

    If the workflow trigger includes a filter, use input values that are not excluded by the filter.

  5. Click Run Test. If the test succeeds, proceed to the next action in the workflow.


    Each test processes all actions in sequence. For this reason, you should keep the input fields you have already tested successfully. You only need to update these fields if the new action requires them for the test to succeed.