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Incident Dashboards

Navigate to Insights > Dashboards for an overview of your APEX AIOps Incident Management incidents. By default, the display shows the total number of incidents, the number of open incidents, the mean times to acknowledge and resolve incidents (MTTA and MTTR), and a set of interactive tiles breaking down open incidents by impacted service and severity. From this page, you can:

  • Click the dropdown in the upper left to select a different view.

  • Click Options to set the current view as the default view.

  • Click the dropdown in the upper right to choose the time period to summarize (for example, the last 8 or 24 hours, or the last 7 or 30 days).

If you have not configured services there will be no data in the default view. Read Map the service field for advice on adding service information to alerts and incidents.

The same dashboard views are available by navigating to Incidents > Incidents and clicking the dashboard icon (four squares) in the top center of the screen. From the Incidents section you can define, modify, and share views. See Incidents dashboard and Create and share incident views for more information about interpreting dashboard tiles and configuring incident views.