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Get started with ingestion services

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Ingestion services make it possible for Moogsoft Cloud to ingest data from a variety of monitoring tools. This process centralizes your data and lets you use the features available in Moogsoft Cloud to add value to the data you're already collecting.

The Ingestion Services UI page categorizes your ingested data types under the heading Event Types. Depending on the integration, the type of ingested data includes Events, Metrics or both.

In addition to inbound integrations, Moogsoft Cloud also includes outbound integrations. Refer to the related topics for more information.

Ingest data with inbound Integrations

To ingest data, Moogsoft Cloud provides several inbound integrations or types of ingestion methods to facilitate data ingestion. In most cases, these integrations take just a few minutes to configure.



Read Ingestion methods for more details about the various types of ingestion methods and review the Compare ingestion methods tables to see a comparison of these ingestion types.

These integrations vary from easy to more advanced and include:

  • Collectors - The Moogsoft Cloud Collector lets you easily ingest data and chart multiple metrics using a variety of built-in plugins. The data displayed is system dependent, depending on the operating system, configured features, and other parameters.

  • Integrations- These pre-configured integrations require minimal user input and are quick to configure using forms available in the Moogsoft Cloud UI. The features for each supported integration vary. Amazon CloudWatch is an example of a pre-configured integration.

  • Create Your Own Integration - You can use the Create Your Own Integration (CYOI) feature to set up a custom API endpoint (API webhooks) in Moogsoft Cloud to listen for communications from a webhook in your source monitoring tool. Your integration and data are clearly identified by a name of your choosing within Moogsoft Cloud . Custom mapping your payload fields allows translation of source data to Moogsoft Cloud .

  • API Integrations - As an alternative to using the UI to set up your integrations, you have the option of setting up integrations with Moogsoft Cloud APIs.

Step-by-step instructions for configuring integrations with several popular monitoring tools are available. Many others are possible using a webhook in your monitoring tool, custom mappings, and your custom CYOI endpoint

Monitoring Ingested Data

After you have set up your integrations using Ingestion Services and are ingesting data, you can:

  • View metrics in a graphical interface with duplicated, repeated, and obsolete events removed from the data stream, so you can more easily identify important or unique events.

  • Detect anomalies using configurable metrics parameters.

  • Enrich metrics with workflows to make them more meaningful. For example, you can indicate applications which cause certain events or group together related events.

  • Cluster related alerts into incidents which you can then assign to other users and set statuses.

  • Use the correlation engine algorithms to build custom rules that cluster certain related alerts into incidents.

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