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Prometheus Alertmanager integration

This integration ingests notifications from Prometheus Alertmanager and maps them to Moogsoft Cloud events automatically.

This integration was validated with Prometheus v2.31.1.

When to use the Prometheus Alertmanager integration

Moogsoft offers three convenient mechanisms for integration with Prometheus.

  • Moogsoft offers two Prometheus integrations, Prometheus Alertmanager and Prometheus Remote Write:

    • Use the Prometheus Alertmanager integration to ingest notifications from Prometheus and send them to Moogsoft with automatic mapping.

    • Use the Prometheus Remote Write integration to ingest metrics from any external system that supports the Prometheus remote write protocol.

    • Use either integration when you can configure your Prometheus instance to authenticate against a Moogsoft endpoint to send data to Moogsoft. These integrations do not require a Moogsoft Collector and you can use authentication.

  • Use the Moogsoft Prometheus Scrape plugin with a Moogsoft Collector, when you:

    • Can install a collector on a host in your environment and it will act as a proxy.

    • Don’t want to make direct outbound calls from your environment.

    • Want to gather and send Prometheus Scrape data to the Moogsoft Events API for intelligent monitoring.

Create a new integration in Moogsoft

  1. Log in to your Moogsoft instance.

  2. Choose Integrations > Ingestion Services > Prometheus Alertmanager.

  3. Click Add New Integration.

The new integration includes a custom endpoint, a set of default mappings to convert Prometheus data to Moogsoft events, and a deduplication key to group similar events into alerts. You can customize how the integration maps and deduplicates your Prometheus data, but this is an advanced feature.


The default configuration provided by Moogsoft for the Prometheus Alertmanager integration is set for customer environments that use Kubernetes. Environments using different labels may require a different mapping. Be sure to customize the configuration to match your environment.

Configure your Prometheus instance