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MongoDB plugin

In your Moogsoft UI, navigate to the Integrations > Ingestion Services > Collector tab to configure and enable Moogsoft Cloud Collector plugins. You can set up a collector plugin when you download a new collector, or any time thereafter when configuring an existing collector. This collector release includes the following plugins.

Enable the MongoDB plugin

This plugin collects metrics from MongoDB databases and is based on the MongoDB plugin. See MongoDB metrics.

Parameter configuration:

  1. From the Mongo plugin Configuration tab, define the following parameters:

    • Endpoints — The list of MongoDB endpoints to monitor; enter as many as needed. To add an endpoint to monitor, enter the URL and press Enter; for example: mongodb://localhost:27017

    • Credentials — Click Add new Credentials to define a unique Name for the configuration/credentials, the user name, and a password.

    • Scrape Interval (sec) — Set the frequency with which Moogsoft monitors and ingests metrics; the default is every 15 seconds.

  2. Toggle the Enable option on when you are ready to start plugin data ingestion.

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