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Install a Linux or Mac OS collector

The APEX AIOps Incident Management Collector is an agent that observes time series metrics and sends the metrics to Incident Management. You can install the collector on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. With the installation of an Incident Management Collector on the system of your choice, you can quickly gather pertinent metrics about your systems.

On Linux, Mac systems you can use a collector and plugin combination to collect metrics from a number of applications such as AppDynamics, Docker, Redis, New Relic and more. To ingest data from additional sources, you can configure additional plugins.

Go to Install a Windows OS Collector, to learn how install a collector on a Windows operating system.

Install the Incident Management Collector on Linux or Mac systems


The Incident Management Collector is only compatible with Intel-based Mac systems. Installations to Mac systems using the M1 chip will fail with an error message.

To install the Incident Management Collector with no optional plugins:

  1. Go to Integrations > Ingestion Services > Collectors > Installation.

  2. Select either the Linux or Mac OS collector platform.

  3. Copy the installation script and paste it into a terminal on the target system.

    You can paste in the script as a non-root or root user. When you run the installation script as a root user, the script has a 60-second delay before it completes.

  4. Set the COLLECTOR_HOME environment variable on the target system by running:

    Non-root user: COLLECTOR_HOME=/home/user/collector

    Root user: COLLECTOR_HOME=/opt/collector


If an Incident Management Collector is already installed, the collector installation script throws an error. To have more than one collector on a single machine, you will need to first create a different COLLECTOR_HOME before running the script a second time.

To ingest data from additional sources, configure additional plugins.

View Incident Management Collector logs

View logs in the Incident Management console at Integrations > Ingestion Services > Collectors > specific collector > Collector Logs. Logs are also available for an installed Incident Management Collector in the collector/logs directory .

Configuring a collector plugin

To enable a specific plugin for a Linux or Mac collector:

  1. Go to Integrations > Ingestion Services > Collectors .

  2. Click on a specific collector to display the available plugins (in tile or list format).

  3. Click on the plugin or plugins that you want to install.

  4. Set or change the configuration for that plugin, if needed, and then click Enable.


You can find detailed instructions on configuring specific plugins in Configuring a Collector Plugin. Both plugins and collectors can be deleted. For more information, refer to collector operations in the next section: Collector operations