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Custom roles permissions reference

The following table displays Moogsoft Cloud permissions and their effect on user access for specific features.


If a user accesses a feature where they have no assigned permissions in the API call, they will have View permission.

Note that View and Edit permissions for the instance convey special abilities to users for Licensing and User Management.

The No Access permission in general prevents the user with the permission assignment from accessing the feature:

  • The button to access the feature is hidden from the user so that the user cannot tell that the feature exists.

  • Users who attempt to access a feature where they are assigned "no access" are redirected to a 403 Forbidden page.

For this feature:

Users assigned View can:

Users assigned Edit can:

Users assigned No Access:


View alerts

View, assign, resolve, and close alerts

Cannot access the Alerts page


View settings on the Automation page

View and edit settings on the Automation page

Cannot access the Automation page


View data catalogs

View, create, and edit data catalogs

Cannot access the Data Catalog page

Correlation Engine

View correlation definitions

View, create, and edit correlation definitions

Cannot access the Correlation Engine page


View credentials (Credential Store)

View API keys (API Key Management)

View, create, and edit credentials (Credential Store)

View, create, and edit API keys (API Key Management)

Cannot access the Credential Store page

Cannot access the API Key page

Incident Tags

View the Incident Tags page

View and edit incident tags settings on the Incident Tags page

Cannot access the Tags page


View incidents

View, assign, resolve, and close incidents

Cannot access the Incidents page


  • View licensing and subscription information

  • Perform licensing tasks and billing transactions with Moogsoft

  • View and configure SSO settings

User Management
  • Promote an administrator to Owner

  • Demote an Owner to Administrator

  • Transfer Owner role to an Administrator

  • Cannot view subscription information.


View integrations

Install and uninstall collectors

Set up integrations

View API keys

Cannot access the Ingestion Services feature

Maintenance Windows

Access the Maintenance Windows feature

View the list of active, scheduled, and expired maintenance windows

View maintenance window configurations

View summaries for maintenance windows

Perform all activities allowed by the View permission.

Schedule, edit, delete, skip, copy, and end maintenance windows.

Cannot access the Maintenance Windows page


View metrics

View metrics

Edit anomaly detection settings for individual metrics

Cannot access the Metrics page

User Management

View and update user information for self on the User Management page

Invite new users to Moogsoft Cloud

Edit user information and roles for all users

Cannot access the User Management page

User Groups

View the list of user groups

View the membership and permissions of individual groups

View the list of user groups

View, edit, create and delete user groups

Cannot access the User Groups page

Can view group names in other areas where they have access


View workflows

View, create, and edit workflows

Cannot access the Workflow Engine page