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Updates for Moogsoft Onprem v9.x

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft Onprem v9.x. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Moogsoft Onprem v9.0.0


Grafana does not ship with Moogsoft Onprem. If you would like to install Grafana to use with Moogsoft Onprem/Moogsoft Hosted, you may do so, but it is unsupported by Moogsoft.

This update includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • MOOG-17552 : Updates Moogsoft Onprem to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 8 exclusively.

    The installation documentation has been updated accordingly.

    Users who want to upgrade to v9.x must follow the Migration document, which involves deploying Moogsoft Onprem onto new RHEL8 servers, importing the existing configuration and database, and then upgrading the database schema.

  • MOOG-17522 : Updates Moogsoft Onprem to only support Percona 8.x.

    MySQL 5.7.x is no longer supported. As such, the versions of Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup, as deployed by the install_percona_nodes* scripts, are now both set at v8.0.29 (MOOG-17939)

    Users who want to upgrade to v9.x must follow the Migration document (Migrate to v9 from v8.x.x) which involves applying a database schema script before the upgrade to prepare it for the migration.

  • MOOG-17847 : Updates the version of Add-ons bundled to v2.5

  • MOOG-17793 : Upgrades Apache-Tomcat to v9.0.64

  • MOOG-17952 : Upgrades the Tomcat-Native dependency to 1.2.35

  • MOOG-17907 : Upgrades OpenSearch to v1.3.6

  • MOOG-17941 : Upgrades RabbitMQ to v3.10.9 & Erlang to v25.1.2

  • MOOG-17767 : Upgrades Nginx to v1.22.0

  • MOOG-17896 : Upgrades the JDK to v11.

  • MOOG-17593 : Upgrades the MariaDB java client to v2.7.5

  • MOOG-17587 / MOOG-17951 : Upgrades Hazelcast to v5.1.1 and Shiro to v1.10.0

  • MOOG-17893 / MOOG-17900 : Upgrades the amqp client library to v5.16.0

  • MOOG-17791 : Updates the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/ utility to support comparing Database Views.

  • MOOG-17782 : Improves logging for the MoogDbV2 Update User API

  • MOOG-17612 : Updates the Situation Manager Labeler Moolet so it also labels Situations at the point of creation.

  • MOOG-17583 : Makes it possible to configure the group lookup in order for LDAP-based implementations to utilize the memberOf attribute.

  • MOOG-17488 : Reduces the number of times the database is updated while updating user session information to improve performance and reduce locking.

  • INT-6291 : Updates the Zenoss LAM to support a paginated event poll mechanism. The size is configurable using the new property zenoss_data_pagination_limit.

  • MOOG-17748 : Updates the Database Splitter so that, before a run, it now detects and resolves any data inconsistencies that could prevent alerts and Situations from being split to the historic database.

  • MOOG-17601 : The Database Splitter is now aware of whether the PRC feature is enabled/disabled and will only attempt to save earliest highest severity event data in historic if the feature is enabled.

  • MOOG-17472 : The Maintenance Window Moolet is now standalone which allows it to react to new Maintenance Windows created by a Moobot within the same MoogFarmD instance.

  • MOOG-17543 : Adds a check in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/process_cntl and install_percona scripts in case the system has the hidepid=2 flag enabled on the procfs mount. If so, a warning is generated informing the user that additional configuration is required to allow Percona to run correctly.

  • MOOG-17516 : Improves the descriptions of some workflows.

  • MOOG-17897: The ${MOOGSOFT_HOME}/bin/utils/ script and the ${MOOGSOFT_HOME}/bin/utils/ script now support a new optional parameter: -n|--no-binlog-db-names. This parameter allows non-default database names to be provided at install-time to disable the binlog on a per-database basis which increases performance on single node DB cluster installations but is not supported on multi-node clusters.

  • MOOG-17514 : Includes the Database Pool statistics in the logs for both Apache-Tomcat and Moogfarmd

  • MOOG-17890 : Reduced the chance of contention between custom_info updates and Teams updates within MoogFarmdD.

  • MOOG-17493 : Makes the archiver aware of whether the PRC feature is enabled/disabled and only attempts to save training data if the feature is enabled.

  • MOOG-17468 : Updates the archiver to detect and correct any sig_alert inconsistencies at the beginning of a run, ensuring that expected data is archived.

  • MOOG-17432 : Makes it possible to enable/disable User Session Audit logging in the database using a new configuration parameter in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/security.conf: enableSessionAuditLog. The default value is disabled. This setting only takes effect when the local apache-tomcat instance is restarted.

  • MOOG-17407 : Updates the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/moog_archiver utility to support a new parameter (-x,--skip_search_engine) which allows the user to skip the step of the archiving process where Situations and alerts are removed from OpenSearch. This is useful if there are any issues connecting to OpenSearch during the archiving process, for example, which could delay or prevent the process.

  • INT-6296 : Adds moog_varbinds for VBS payload for the SNMP Trap LAM.

  • INT-5823 : Adds support for multiple engine ids against one users to the SNMP Trap LAM configuration.

  • MOOG-17467 : Updates the Moobot REST module to use TLS1.2 instead of SSL.

  • MOOG-17466 : Updates the Notifier Moobot to support checkServerIdentity (to verify the remote server identity) if either the "start_tls" or "use_ssl" properties are enabled. The default value of checkServerIdentity is true.

  • MOOG-17430 : Updates the Nginx configuration to include the preload header value.

  • MOOG-17429 : Improves security by no longer using the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/ui/web.conf file by default. A backup of the original file is located in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/cots/nginx/ folder if it is still needed. Similarly, the -c switch was removed from the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/ script. If this script is run with this parameter, it suggests the user accesses the RabbitMQ admin interface directly via a URL instead.

  • MOOG-17426 : Enables the optional password policy by default for the "DB" Security Realm. Password length should be at least 8 characters, and consist of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, in any order. Only a System Administrator can amend this policy.

  • MOOG-17425 : Enables URL validation by default for Situation and Alert Client tools to prevent XSS vulnerabilities being exploited. This setting is configurable in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/servlets.conf using the "sanitize_client_tool_urls" setting under the "moogsvr" block to support backward compatibility.

  • MOOG-17630 : Improves security by eliminating Apache-Tomcat requests for parameters in some cases.

  • MOOG-17879 : Allows the UI Client Tool prompt dialog box to be resized

  • MOOG-17559 : Fixes an issue that would cause Workflow Moolets to become inactive while handling long delay values.

  • MOOG-17435 : Reduces the minimum session timeout for any user / role to five minutes.

  • MOOG-17790 : Fixes an issue during upgrade from v8.x -> v8.2 onward which could lead to the historic_feedback view being incorrect.

  • MOOG-17780 : Fixes an issue causing expired Maintenance Windows to appear in the UI.

  • MOOG-17773 : Fixes an issue preventing recurring Maintenance Windows from appearing in the Related Changes UI.

  • MOOG-17729 : Fixes an issue so that closing multiple Situations in the UI no longer changes the Situation ratings unless the User specifically sets a Rating value in the UI dialog box.

  • MOOG-17604 : Updates the Database Realm password policy to correctly handle user creation/modification requests when a password is not provided.

  • MOOG-17562 : Fixes some file permission issues with OpenSearch.

  • MOOG-17553 : Fixes an issue where the wrong JVM folder was selected by various scripts.

  • MOOG-17540 : Fixes a bug which prevented custom_info-based clustering from working correctly after a Moogfarmd rehup.

  • MOOG-17901 : The Indexer moolet config file now supports an additional parameter: 'log_documents'. If this value is set to ‘true' (default is false), the moolet will log the contents of the documents it is sending to OpenSearch to be indexed. The logging is visible at TRACE level.

  • MOOG-17491 : Reduces the potential verbosity of log lines indicating that a Situation description was manually changed by a user.

  • MOOG-17483 : Fixes a bug preventing the Service Panel "Impacted For" value from increasing.

  • MOOG-17904 : The fixed_recovery_interval RabbitMQ connection property has been changed to 'false' as the default to improve the reliability of connection attempts

  • MOOG-17446 : Fixes a number of erroneous nginx-related commands in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/ script.

  • MOOG-17414 : Updates the System user so it is displayed against the matching Situation Revived journal entry action when an alert is added to a resolved Situation.

  • MOOG-17398 : Updates the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/process_cntl utility so that it no longer automatically runs processes at loglevel WARN if the --loglevel flag is not specified.

  • MOOG-17386 : Fixes the Self Monitoring dialog to correctly display the active Moogfarmd health metrics instead of the passive one.

  • MOOG-17364 : Implements validation to ensure that only Situations with a status of Resolved or Closed can be Revived.

  • MOOG-17363 : Updates the alertDelta/situationDelta WFE actions so they can utilize a different/correct "previousData" data block to detect field changes.

  • MOOG-17350 : Updates Moolet Informs so they are able to send event to target Moolet with parenthesis in the name.

  • MOOG-16488 : Changes have been made to the Resolve/Close Alert/Situation endpoints in the UI which will allow large amounts of Alerts/Situations to be Resolved/Closed successfully

  • MOOG-17917 : MoogfarmD will no longer log full stacktraces for moobot actions which attempt to update the custom_info for closed alerts and fail due to their status.

  • INT-6295 : Fixes an issue preventing fields being mapped correctly in the UI for the New Relic integration.

  • INT-6292 : Fixes an issue with the Dynatrace Notification UI Integration where the signature field could not be overridden.

  • MOOG-17752 : Improves security by removing the Message Bus UI tab in the Self Monitoring dialog.

  • MOOG-17915 : The RPMs and non-root Tarball install script will now prevent installation if they detect the host Operating System is not at least RHEL v8.6

  • MOOG-17406 : Changes the OpenSearch JVM tmpdir variable so it poinst at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/var/lib/opensearch/tmp for tarball deployment types.

  • MOOG-17330 : Increases the size of the external_id column of the sig_correlation_info table to 255.

  • MOOG-17295 : Updates two verbose DEBUG level log lines so they are now at TRACE level.

  • MOOG-17783 : Updates a number of log lines to correctly refer to OpenSearch instead of Elasticsearch.

  • MOOG-17611 : Updates the application so that it no longer creates or uses the moogadmin user.

  • MOOG-17608 : Removes database schema upgrades for v6.x.x from the product.

  • MOOG-17599 : Updates branding in the user interface so the product is now referred to as "Moogsoft"

  • MOOG-17852 : Reduces the number of times a user session is updated in the database

  • MOOG-17862 : The TeamsMgr moolet will now write batches of Notifications to the database at a time which can improve throughput

  • MOOG-17590 : Fixes the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/ script so it can apply custom OpenSearch user credentials to the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/system.conf without error in more scenarios.

  • MOOG-17579 : Reduces the log level of some log lines and adds Situation and alert IDs to some error log lines.

  • MOOG-17875 : The 'Feedback' moolet is no longer referenced in the MoogFarmD configuration file as it is not a GA feature

  • MOOG-17870 : To ensure database tables are not created as UTF8mb4 until a full character set upgrade is done, they have been explicitly marked as UTF8mb3

  • INT-6294 : Deprecates the Moogsoft Express and Moogsoft Express Client LAM integrations.

  • MOOG-17427 : Updates lodash, core-js, vue and vue-template-loader UI dependencies.

  • MOOG-17740 : Upgrades the spring boot dependency to v2.4.13.

  • MOOG-17731 : Upgrades the versions of json, gson, rhino, commons_cli and commons_io.

    Note that due to changes in commons_cli, there can be behavioral differences in the way command line utilities accept arguments. For example, if the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/moog_add_alert_server_tool utility is given a -a argument with spaces in the value itself, the utility must be run like -a="-e xample".

  • MOOG-17589 : Upgrades jersey to v3.0.4.

  • MOOG-17586 : Upgrades the following dependencies:

    • log4j - v2.17.2

    • sl4j - v1.7.36

    • servlet-api - v4.1.0

    • activemq-all - v5.17.0

    • axiom - v1.3.0

    • axis2 - v1.8.0

    • jcl_over_slf4j - v1.7.36

    • validation-api - v2.0.1.Final

  • MOOG-17770 : Removes the osgi core and osgi locator dependencies.

  • MOOG-17942 : Upgraded the Apache-Commons-Text package to v1.10.0

  • MOOG-17765 : Upgrades Apache tika core to v2.4.0.

  • MOOG-17859 : The hibernate-validator package has been upgraded to v6.2.4.Final to improve the security of the Events API.

  • MOOG-17764 : Upgrades dependencies versions: Jackson v2.10.2, Jackson-databind v2.10.2, mailapi v1.6.2.

  • INT-6299 : The SNMP Trap LAM (trapd_lam), now supports two additional configuration parameters

    • local_engine_boots : Allows control over the expected value of this property for incoming SNMP Traps

    • snmp4j_log_level : Enables SNMP4J logging at various levels of granularity for advanced debugging

  • MOOG-17864 : The ‘http.max_content_length’ property in the OpenSearch yml configuration file has been increased to 500mb

  • MOOG-17796 : Increased the default Buffer Limit for OpenSearch connections to 1GB from 100MB and made it configurable in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/system.conf

  • INT-6302 : The Signature field will no longer be overwritten by the SCOM LAM bot if it is changed in the UI

  • INT-6303 : The Signature field will no longer be overwritten by the AppDynamics LAM bot if it is changed in the UI

  • MOOG-17914 : The default Xmx value for OpenSearch has been increased to 4 gigabytes.

  • INT-6293: Makes the type field mappable in the VROps Integration in the UI.

Workflow Engine updates

For information on releases of the Workflow Engine, see Moogsoft Add-ons.