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You can enable bidirectional communication between Moogsoft Onprem Situation Rooms and your ServiceNow incident management system. After you complete the integration, the two systems keep information synchronized so that users can view data as follows:

  • You can right-click a Situation and select Open ServiceNow Ticket to create a ServiceNow incident linked to the Moogsoft Onprem Situation.

  • When you post a work note on an incident in ServiceNow, the comment appears in the linked Situation. Conversely, when you post on a Situation Room thread, the integration updates the linked ServiceNow incident with the comment.

  • In Situation views, the Incident column contains a direct link to the incident in ServiceNow.

See the ServiceNow documentation for details on ServiceNow components.

Before You Begin

The ServiceNow integration has been validated with ServiceNow San Diego, Rome, Quebec, Paris, Orlando, and New York. Before you set up your ServiceNow integration:

  • Note the URL of your ServiceNow incident management instance.

  • Verify that ServiceNow and Moogsoft Onprem can communicate over port 443.

Configure the ServiceNow Integration

To configure the ServiceNow integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  2. Click ServiceNow in the Ticketing section.

  3. Provide a unique integration name. You can use the default name or customize the name according to your needs.

  4. Provide connection details for your ServiceNow system.


If your Moogsoft Onprem is installed on-premises and does not have a direct connection to ServiceNow, configure the proxy settings for the ServiceNow Moobot in the REST.V2 module.

The ServiceNow Moobot is located at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots/ServiceNow-2.0-Geneva.js.

See the ServiceNow proxy example in REST.V2 for more details.

Configure a ServiceNow MID Server

See Configure a ServiceNow MID Server for instructions.

Configure ServiceNow

Configure the integrations user and XML update set for ServiceNow:

  1. Download the XML update set file.

  2. In the ServiceNow UI, import the update set and open it. Refer to the ServiceNow documentation for detailed instructions.

  3. Preview the update set. The preview attempts to load and fails with an error similar to "Preview problems for Moogsoft Onprem. To commit this update set you must address all problems". Close the message to view the list of preview problems.

  4. Select all preview problems and then accept the remote update.

  5. Commit the update set. Ignore the dictionary error that appears and proceed with the commit.

  6. To verify that the update is successful, type 'moogsoft' into the filter navigator and confirm that the Moogsoft Onprem Integration update set is displayed.

  7. Create an integration user in ServiceNow named moogint and assign it the following roles:

    • x_moogs_incident_m.import: Allows Moogsoft Onprem to synchronize work notes and resolutions.

    • x_moogs_incident_m_properties_user: Allows the ServiceNow user to edit Moogsoft Onprem event properties.

    • incident_manager: Allows the auto-assign feature to assign new incidents to the logged in user.

  8. Locate 'Moogsoft Onprem Properties' using the filter navigator in ServiceNow and edit the properties as follows:

    Property Name


    ServiceNow User


    MID Server

    Select your MID server.

    Thread Name


    Outbound REST Retry Count

    The number of times to attempt a Moogsoft Onprem Graze API call. Default is 3.

    Moogsoft Onprem Instance Name

    Host name or IP address of the machine where Moogsoft Onprem is installed.

    Close Situation in Moogsoft Onprem

    Enable to automatically close a Situation when you close the associated ticket in ServiceNow. Disabled by default.

    Moogsoft Onprem User Name

    Username of Graze user.

    Moogsoft Onprem User Password

    Password of Graze user.

    Session Token

    Authentication token received from Graze API. Do not change.

After you complete the ServiceNow configuration, you can select Open ServiceNow Ticket from the right-click menu for an open Situation in Moogsoft Onprem to raise an associated ServiceNow ticket.