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A Workflow Engine function that returns true when the in-scope alert or Situation is in any of the specified states.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v1.4 download and later.

This function is available for alert, enrichment, and Situation workflows.

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Workflow Engine function hasStatus takes the following arguments:








The states to check for. Choose from:

  • Acknowledged

  • Active

  • Assigned

  • Closed

  • Dormant

  • Opened

  • Resolved

  • SLA Exceeded

  • Unacknowledged

  • Unassigned

Not all states are available to both alerts and Situations. For example, you cannot set an alert to Dormant.


The following example demonstrates typical use of Workflow Engine function hasStatus.

You want to check if an alert is either Opened, Acknowledged, or Closed before performing subsequent actions in your workflow. Set the following:

  • states : [ “Opened”, “Acknowledged” , “Closed” ]

  • Forwarding behavior: Stop this workflow. This ensures that if the alert is not in any of the specified states, subsequent actions in this workflow do not execute.

The UI translates your settings to the following JSON:

states : [ “Owned”, “Acknowledged” , “Closed” ] 

If the alert is in any of these states, the function returns true and the alert is forwarded to the next action in the workflow.

If the alert is not in any of these states, the function returns false and the forwarding behaviour prevents subsequent actions in the workflow from executing.