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You can install an xMatters integration to enable bidirectional communication between Moogsoft Onprem and xMatters. The integration allows you to send notifications to users and groups in xMatters about alerts, invitations and Situations. You can close Situations to close associated events in xMatters. See xMatters Workflow for more details.

You can also comment on xMatters events for them to appear on associated Situation Room comment threads in Moogsoft Onprem. See the xMatters documentation for more information.

Before You Begin

The xMatters integration has been validated with xMatters v5.5. Before you start to set up your integration, complete the following tasks:

  1. Create an xMatters user with administrator privileges.

  2. Ensure that the xMatters user has editor permissions to the workflow in xMatters.

    For information on changing workflow editor permissions in xMatters, refer to the xMatters documentation.

  3. Create an xMatters API user with the REST Web Service User role.

  4. Create users in xMatters with the same names as your users in Moogsoft Onprem.

  5. Set up groups in xMatters with the same names as your teams in Moogsoft Onprem.

  6. Download theMoogsoft Onprem- xMatters Communication Plan.

  7. In xMatters, import the Moogsoft Onprem xMatters Communication Plan zip file. After you import the plan, it is enabled. Configure the communications plan as follows:

    • Edit the Inbound Integrations and enable Engage Group, Engage Group (alert based) and Engage User.

    • Set the authentication method for each to 'Basic Authentication'.

    • Note down the URL under 'How to trigger the integration' for Engage Group, Engage Group (alert based) and Engage User.

Configure the Integration

To configure the xMatters integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  2. Click xMatters in the Collaboration section.

  3. Provide a unique integration name. You can use the default name or customize the name according to your needs.

  4. Provide connection details for your xMatters system.

If you enable Automatically Engage Team, a Situation posted to the team sends a notification to the xMatters group with the same name. The Moogsoft Onprem team name must match the xMatters group name in order for this to work.

Configure xMatters

To configure xMatters, perform the following tasks in the xMatters interface:

  1. Go to Communication Plans and edit the access permissions. Add your xMatters API user.

  2. Edit the forms and for each entry go to Web Service - Sender Permissions and add your xMatters API user.

  3. Configure the Integration Builder for the Communication Plan. Assign the xMatters endpoint to the xMatters API user and configure it as follows:





    Trust self-signed certificates

    Set as appropriate

    Base URL

    <your xMatters integration URL>

    For example:




    Username of Graze user. Default is 'Graze API User'.


    Password of Graze user



After you complete the xMatters configuration, Moogsoft Onprem receives notifications from xMatters about invitations, alerts and associated Situations. You can also configure the resolveNotification Workflow Engine function so that Moogsoft Onprem automates the resolution of xMatters events.


When configuring the resolveNotification Workflow Engine function for xMatters, you do not have to ensure that a createNotification workflow is active before proceeding with the configuration. The xMatters integration does not use the createNotification action or workflow.