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Install Moogsoft Onprem

Use this guide to learn how to install Moogsoft Onprem 9.x. If you are installing a different version, see Welcome to the Moogsoft Docs! and select the documentation for your version.

Refer to the following topics to help choose the right environment for your Moogsoft Onprem deployment:

Installation process pre-requisite

An experienced Linux RHEL System Administrator is required to perform the installation/upgrade. If help is needed, please contact Moogsoft Support in order to engage Moogsoft Professional Services

Deployment options

You have the option to install all Moogsoft Onprem packages on a single machine. However, the modular approach of the Moogsoft Onprem distribution means fewer dependencies between individual packages. This means you have the flexibility to install different components to different machines. See Server Roles for a description of how you can distribute the different components amongst multiple machines.

  • To quickly deploy Moogsoft Onprem for evaluation or learning purposes, you can request trial access to a Moogsoft Hosted environment.

  • For smaller deployments, you can run all the components on a single machine.

    • If you have root access to the machine and want to use Yum to install, see RPM Installation.

    • If you do not have root access to the machine where you are installing and you want more control over where you install Moogsoft Onprem, see Tarball Installation.

  • For most production deployments, you may install different components to different machines in order to distribute the workload. See High Availability Overview for more information.

Install Moogsoft Add-Ons

Moogsoft periodically releases add-ons to extend and enhance the core Moogsoft Onprem functionality. For example, new Workflow Engine functions, new Workflow Engines, or Integrations tiles. All add-ons releases are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Once you have finished upgrading or installing Moogsoft Onprem, you should install the Moogsoft Onprem add-ons to ensure you have the latest version.

See Install Moogsoft Add-ons for more information on how to install the Moogsoft Onprem add-ons.

Troubleshoot the installation

You may encounter issues when installing or upgrading Moogsoft Onprem.

See Troubleshoot Installation and Upgrade for more information on how to resolve these issues.

For more information on message bus or OpenSearch configuration, see: Configure the Message Bus or Configure Search and Indexing.