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Moogsoft Add-ons

Moogsoft periodically releases add-ons to extend and enhance the core Moogsoft Onprem functionality. For example, new Workflow Engine functions, new Workflow Engines, or Integrations tiles.

Moogsoft Onprem 9.1.0 is compatible with Add-ons v2.0.0 and later only.

All add-ons releases are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.


Customers installing or updating to Moogsoft Onprem v9.0 receive the Add-Ons v2.5.0 as part of the update and do not have to download the installation file. The file is located in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/contrib directory on the v9.0 system. Follow the installation procedure in Install Moogsoft Add-ons to install them.


The SNMP Trapd LAMbot v2 bundle requires a separate download and installation. You can download this file from this location:

curl https://${SPEEDY_USER}:${SPEEDY_PASSWORD} --output Moogsoft-TrapLamV2.tar.gz

Follow the instructions in Installing SNMP Trapd v2 to install it.

See Install Moogsoft Add-ons for installation details.

Add-ons 2.6.5

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6.5 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-519 - Ansible Integration doesn't handle multiple instances

  • WFE-523 - Labeler REF macro mapping does not work when REF alert is not loaded during SituationUtility::getAlerts

  • WFE-520 - Conflict between labeler and WFE substitution macros in labelSituation action fixed

Add-ons 2.6.4

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6.4 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-501 : Fix to handling of multiple email targets in the Email Integration

  • WFE-502 : Multiple actions reference "params.integrationType" - which is not defined

  • WFE-517 : Fix to Slack integration to allow specification of Moogsoft URL

  • MES-14657 : Add padding to ‘%d’ format string in formatDate action

Add-ons 2.6.3

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6.3 includes the following updates:

Add-ons 2.6.2

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6.2 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-512 - Fixed issue where Enrichment API delete action fails.

Add-ons 2.6.1

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6.1 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-510 - Changed the link to download the ServiceNow update set in the ServiceNow Management 1.3 integration tile.

Add-ons v2.6

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.6 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-475: Adds the Pattern Matcher integration.

  • WFE-449: Adds the OAuth Endpoints integration.

  • WFE-480: Adds the Additional Configurations integration.

  • WFE-435: Adds the copySigCorrelationInfo function.

  • WFE-436: Adds the getAssociatedDetails function.

  • WFE-437: Adds the hasResolvingStep function.

  • WFE-475: Adds the matchPattern function.

  • WFE-438: Adds the situationDigest function.

  • WFE-488: Adds the isRepeatingSituation function.

  • WFE-454: Updates to the Enrichment API to allow age scoped deletion the introduction of a callback URL to return responses.

  • WFE-452: Disabled old ServiceNow situation room plugin in the ServiceNow Management integration.

  • WFE-469: Allow Enrichment API actions to be used on situations.

  • WFE-474: Allow the getCorrelationInfo action to take the situation ID from an optional argument.

  • WFE-476: Allow use of a payload\. prefix in workflow substitutions and field argument to manipulate payload keys.

  • WFE-477: Generalize copyToContext and copyFromContext to support having the workflow context as both sources and target.

  • WFE-481: sendToCloud action now handles errors with the $TO_JSON() macro better.

  • WFE-482: The BotUtility validateEvent() function description truncation process could thrown a null exception.

  • WFE-485: Fixed a bug with the xinyState/xinyClose actions to correclty identify the cached data to remove.

  • WFE-487: exportViaRest and getViaRest actions now write the request response status, response code and status message to the workflowContext. (See Jira release notes for details).

  • WFE-492: Cloud heartbeat scheduler - fixed invalid reference. This fix requires the retry and mocHeartbeat functions be copied into the current scheduler moobot.

  • WFE-493: BotUtility.js, WorkflowUtility.js and SituationUtility.js have had minor JavaScript lint errors fixed.

  • WFE-466: $UNIQ() macro now supported in WFE substitutions.

Add-ons v2.5.1

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.5.1 includes the following updates:

  • WFE-451: Modifies flattenObject utility and associated actions (sendToWorkflow, flattenObject) to accept a key separator.

    The Hybrid integration now allows either a period (“.”) or an underscore (“_”) to be used as the key separator when flattening custom_info.

  • WFE-447: Adds “type” to the list of optional fields to map in the Hybrid integration.

  • WFE-448: Removes Entropy as a mandatory field in the Hybrid integration.

  • WFE-462: Enables isNotNull and compareFields to be eventLess.

  • WFE-463: Adds parameter substitution to assignModerator.

  • WFE-458: Filters falsey/null from service field in sendToCloud.

  • WFE-455: Fixes typos in logger message for sendSituationToWorkflow.

  • WFE-453: Changes log level for “Invalid results from enrichment” message from warning to info.

  • WFE-456: Fixes inconsistent behavior when negative caching is enabled - a cached negative result will no longer add an empty object under custom_info.enrichment.

  • WFE-464: Updates script to be compatible with MySQL v8.

  • WFE-462 - Adds getViaRestFromInform action to allow eventless getViaRest.

Add-ons v2.5

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.5 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-129: Fixes a validation issue in the ServiceNow Enrichment integration when summarize multiple results details" is changed to "No."

  • WFE-345: Adds the sortList function.

  • WFE-399: Adds the hasSymptomPRC function.

  • WFE-400: Adds the getHashValue function.

  • WFE-402: Prevents a workflow engine from forwarding to itself and creating an infinite loop.

  • WFE-403: Adds the moveSituationToCategory function.

  • WFE-404: The workflow functions isOlderThan and isNewerThan now allow an optional timestamp field to be specified.

  • WFE-406: Clarifies the behavior of the getEnrichment function in the related documentation.

  • WFE-408: Adds the ability to enrich Situations to the getJDBCEnrichment function.

  • WFE-411: The workflow function addThreadEntry now accepts an isResolvingStep optional argument.

  • WFE-412: Allows DELETE requests to be sent using the exportViaRest and sendViaRest workflow functions.

  • WFE-414: Adds the ability to perform limited customizations on maintenance window filter conditions created by the ServiceNow Management update set.

  • WFE-415: Adds the mergeSituations function.

  • WFE-418: Adds the $FULLNAME() macro, which returns a user's full name from a UID or username (example: moderator_id). See the Macros Reference for more information on macros.

  • WFE-420: Adds the convertToBoolean function.

  • WFE-421: Adds the notBetween function.

  • WFE-423: Fixes the extraction of the x-park-signature header in the WebLam Lambot by making it case insensitive.

  • WFE-424: Updates the getEnrichment function so that it is eventless and supports sending output to workflowContext.

  • WFE-426: Fixes an issue with using the replaceString function on workflowContext keys.

  • WFE-427: Updates the removeMatchingSituationFlags function so that it is case insensitive. The case used for flags no longer needs to be exact.

  • WFE-429: Updates the copyOnMerge function so that it can write to the workflowContext or the target Situation.

  • WFE-431: Adds the xinyState function, which enables XinY status change calculations.

  • WFE-432: Adds the getExistingAlertId function.

  • WFE-433: Allows removeCorrelationInfo to specify the serviceName parameter as a regular expression using the /<expression>/ syntax. If the correlation info service name matches the pattern it will be removed. Previous equality-based matching is unaffected.

    For example, to remove all correlation info associated with the MSTeams integration, this pattern could be used:


    Note that regular expressions are case insensitive.

  • WFE-443: Fixes the formatDate function so it returns the correct shortDay.

  • WFE-444: Fixes the mapping of the optional field in the Hybrid Integration.

  • WFE-445: Reduces logging in Enrichment API functions.

  • WFE-446: Fixes typos in the parseOverflow function description.

Add-ons v2.4

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.4 includes the following updates:

Add-ons v2.3.5

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.3.5 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-121: Fixes an incorrect exit status which is set on failure in the sendAlertToWorkflow and sendSituationToWorkflow functions.

  • ADD-122: Fixes an issue with certificate validation in outbound requests in the Ansible integration.

  • ADD-124: Fixes an issue with converting a string to a number in the compareFields function.

  • WFE-118: Adds the enteringMaintenanceWindow and leavingMaintenanceWindow functions.

  • WFE-338: Fixes the way ServiceNow Management handles urgency values when Severity = 0.

  • WFE-342: Removes a duplicate function (uniqObjectsArray) in BotUtility.

  • WFE-344: Fixes an issue with macro substitution in the TO_JSON macro when the substituted value contains line breaks.

  • WFE-346: Adds the ability to copy a REST response to workflowContext for the exportViaRest function.

  • WFE-347: Adds sendAddedAlertsToWorkflow function.

Add-ons v2.3

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.3.4 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-7: Adds the JDBC Endpoints integration, including the exportViaJDBC function.

  • ADD-37: Adds REST enrichment functions including getViaRest, mergeList, and reduceObjectList.

  • ADD-76: Adds the ServiceNow Integration v3 (ServiceNow Management).

  • ADD-87: Updates the eyeShare NG integration (Ayehu).

  • ADD-114: Adds the new Workflow Engine function: deleteObjectKeys.

Add-ons v2.2

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.2.0 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-36: Adds the AlertOps Integration.

  • ADD-43: Improvements for the PagerDuty Integration.

  • ADD-44: Adds the Microfocus Operations Orchestration Automation Integration.

  • ADD-106: Adds WFE Integration framework.

  • ADD-101: Bug fixes for the Email Integration.

  • WFE-322: Fixes an issue so that WFE function addTopologyNode correctly updates descriptions.

  • WFE-325: Fixes an issue to so that actions perform a moogdb.reload() when appropriate.

  • WFE-330: Fixes $TOLIST() so that it cannot map to an empty item.

  • WFE-138: Adds functions hasSweptUp and hasNotSweptUp.

  • WFE-172: Adds support for Workflow Job Templates to Ansible Automation Integration.

  • WFE-194: Adds WFE support for the Microfocus Operations Orchestration Integration Automation.

  • WFE-203: Adds removeItemsFromList function.

  • WFE-258: Adds compareFields function.

  • WFE-296: Adds addRestHeader function.

  • WFE-297: Adds functions to support integration triggers.

  • WFE-301: Adds addLocationData function.

  • WFE-317: Updates WFE functions to use updateClosedAlert and updateClosedSituation as appropriate.

  • WFE-320: Adds addToContext function.

  • WFE-321: Adds listSituationHosts function.

  • WFE-324: Updates the WFE function getPayload to encapsulate the payload within an array.

  • WFE-326: Adds listSituationAlertIds function.

  • WFE-327: Adds setSituationServices function.

Add-ons v2.1

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.1.0 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-1: Function and integration tile to send emails.

  • ADD-16: Situation moderator updates.

  • ADD-20: Slack Integration can send notifications to Slack channels.

  • WFE-223: getCorrelationInfo - checks that correlation info exists for a Situation.

  • WFE-233: The tolerates "invisible" windows carriage returns in input files.

  • WFE-240: Substitution macros: $PRC, $REF, $TYPE.

  • WFE-247: sendAlertsToWorkflow - Sends situation alerts to a workflow.

  • WFE-251: Improves Topology API WFE function logic.

  • WFE-253: Improves reliability with substitution and validation of parameters.

  • WFE-256: isPrimaryTeamSet - returns true if a Situation's primary team is set.

  • WFE-257: basicMaths - writes the result of basic maths ( +, -, * , / , % ) on two fields to either custom_info or the workflow context.

  • WFE-263: Substitution macros: $EXPAND_AS_CSV, $EXPAND_AS_STRING, $TO_LIST.

  • WFE-264: getThreadEntry - retrieves the corresponding thread entry if a Situation contains a thread entry_id and stores it under the threadEntry workflowContext key.

  • WFE-265: Conversion Maps with function convertField.

  • WFE-266: addCorrelationInfo - adds an External ID to a Situation.

  • WFE-267: Enrichment API moog_enrichment_util scripts have proxy settings.

  • WFE-268: Fixes the checkTopologyyLink function.

  • WFE-276: convertStringToList - converts a string containing regular separators (e.g. a comma) into a list (a JavaScript Array) and copies the resulting list into a named target or overwrites the value of the original string with the new list.

  • WFE-277: Substitution and validation of params now correct in workflow function template.

  • WFE-284: IsNotClear function now works as expected.

  • WFE-285: dejaVu – checks for repeated data.

  • WFE-286: Catasuraus now uses correct log message levels.

  • WFE-304: JDBC and ServiceNow Enrichment Integrations no longer call constants.reload().

Add-ons v2.0.0

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.0.0 introduces several new functions and fixes to existing functions and Integrations tiles:

  • WFE-126: Preset PRC values for topology based situations (or any situation).

  • WFE-162: Adds Create topology function.

  • WFE-163: Adds a function to create a node.

  • WFE-164: Adds a function to create a link between two nodes.

  • WFE-165: Adds a function to clone a topology.

  • WFE-166: Adds a function to delete an active or inactive topology.

  • WFE-167: Adds a function to remove a node from a topology.

  • WFE-168: Adds a function to delete a topology link.

  • WFE-169: Adds a function to check a topology exits.

  • WFE-170: Adds a function to check a node exists.

  • WFE-171: Adds a function to check a link exists.

  • WFE-177]: Adds populateNamedTopology function.

  • WFE-195: Adds a function to activate a topology.

  • WFE-196: Adds a function to deactivate a named topology.

  • WFE-198: Adds an action to delete a node.

  • WFE-199: Adds an action to delete a topology.

  • WFE-213: Updates the Ansible Automation Integration for 8.0.

  • WFE-214: Updates the Puppet Automation to 'Automation' for 8.0

  • WFE-215: Updates the AyeHu eyesShare Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-216: Updates the Ignio Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-217: Updates ServiceNow Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-218: Updates JDBC Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-222: Corrects the description of sigActionFilter.

  • WFE-224: Updates the Enrichment API for 8.0.

  • WFE-225: Updates configuration for Integration Tiles for 8.0.

  • WFE-226: Adds Eventless processing for Automation actions.

  • WFE-227: Escapes of data in MySQL queries used by Enrichment API.

  • WFE-236: Adds a dnsLookup function.

  • WE 237: Adds a logCEvent function.