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Moogsoft Onprem Overview

Moogsoft Onprem is the pioneering AI platform for IT operations, powered by purpose-built machine learning algorithms. We improve the signal to noise ratio by reducing and then correlating alerts together. Our AIOps platform suggests root cause and enables cross-team collaboration to solve incidents faster.

Moogsoft is here to improve the detection and remediation of incidents, ensuring continuous service delivery of your business.

Moogsoft Onprem collects raw data, called events, from your monitoring systems and applies machine learning to deduplicate them into alerts.

Rather than notifying you each time an alert occurs, Moogsoft Onprem analyzes and groups them together based on their similarity. These groups are known as Situations. By identifying Situations, Moogsoft Onprem reduces noise and alert fatigue, granting you the ability to resolve the issues that are most critical to your system as and when they arise.


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Depending on your role and interests, the following topics can help you learn more about Moogsoft Onprem :

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