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Integrations API

The Integrations API acts as an integration point for external services and exposes selected Moogsoft Onprem functionality to authorized external clients.

Contact Moogsoft Support if you experience difficulties or need further guidance.


See Integrations API Endpoint Reference for details of all the Integrations API endpoints.

API definition

All Integrations requests use the following URL format, where <server> is the hostname of the machine running the Moogsoft Onprem UI :




In order to use the Integrations API, you must have the manage_integrations and graze_login permissions. The Grazer role has both of these permissions in Moogsoft Onprem.

See Role Permissions for more information.

All requests require a basic authentication header.

To learn more, watch the Graze API Fundamentals training video at Moogsoft University. This training is on Moogsoft University. You will need access credentials to view it. Please contact your account manager to receive credentials.