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Parse FQDN action

Available for event workflows

This action parses an FQDN field and copies the host and domain names to the specified fields.

  • FQDN Field

    The field that contains the fully-qualified domain name.

  • Short Output Field

    The action copies the hostname to this field.

  • Domain Output Field

    The action copies the domain name to this field (optional)

Event example

Your event sources populate the source field with the FQDN. You want your events to use the hostname for the source and store the domain name in a tag. You add a Parse FQDN action to your workflow and format it as follows:

  • FQDN field = source

  • Short output field = source

  • Domain output field = tags.domain

Event before

Event after

  "source": "",
  "source": "myHost",
  "tags": {
    "domain": "",