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Integration status

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APEX AIOps Incident Management Ingestion Services help you understand configured integrations by providing integration status information associated with each offered integration. With a quick glance you can tell the number of configurations for your integrations and you can view the status of a specific integration or more than one.

View the Integration Status

To see the integration status of your configured integrations:

  • Log into your Incident Management instance.

  • Click the Integrations > Ingestion Services icon.

  • Click on one of the following Ingestion Services menu icons:

    • All - displays information for all of the Incident Management integration types.

    • Integrations - displays information for out-of-the-box integrations.

    • Collectors - displays information for collector and configured plugin-based integrations. Status is not provided.

    • Create Your Own Integration - displays information for all Create Your Own Integrations (CYOI).

  • Click on an integration, such as AppDynamics, Pingdom, Splunk or other listed data sources.

  • View the integration Status column for that data source.

Integration Status types

Integration status types include the following:

  • Provisioned — the integration has been created but is not active yet. Status will be Active or Running when it receives data, after the external data source is configured.

  • Running or Active — the integration is actively ingesting data and generating monitoring information such as incidents, alerts, or metrics.

Various integrations may also have status information specific to that integration.

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