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Disable SSO via API request

Before attempting to enable SSO for the first time, you should prepare to disable SSO in case something goes wrong. If SSO is enabled for your Moogsoft Cloud instance and the configuration does not work, then user logins (including your own) will fail.

To prevent locking yourself out of Moogsoft Cloud:

  1. Prior to attempting to enable SSO, generate an API key in Moogsoft Cloud.

    NOTE: An admin must perform this step.

  2. Paste the API key to a file in a secure location OUTSIDE of Moogsoft Cloud.


    Be sure you limit access to this API key. Keep in mind that anyone who has this key can disable SSO in your Moogsoft Cloud instance.

  3. If your SSO configuration fails and you are locked out, run the following command a command line prompt, using the API key you created earlier:

    curl --request PUT \
         --url \
         --header 'accept: application/json' \
         --header 'apiKey: <your API key>'
  4. Log in with your username and password..

    All users will be able to log in and access the system with their usernames and passwords.