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Store external system credentials

The Credential Store enables you to store and reuse your credentials for data sources that require authentication. APEX AIOps Incident Management integrations and collectors provide secure user sign-up, sign-in, and access control. All authentications are SSL-encrypted. 

Note the following:

  • Before you install a collector, it is good practice to enter all required credentials in the Credential Store. This ensures that the Collector starts collecting all data of interest immediately on startup.

  • Data collection stops if Incident Management no longer has the required credentials for a data source. This might happen if you delete a set of credentials, or if you update the credentials for the external source without updating the entry in the Credential Store.

You can save and reuse credentials for products such as AWS, PagerDuty, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis. For a complete list of supported products, go to Settings > Credential Store and click Add Credentials.

Credential storage

Credentials at rest in the Credential Store are saved as encrypted text and are protected by both a key and a salt. This encrypted text is stored in a MongoDB database which is also encrypted, adding an additional layer of security.

For information about APEX AIOps security features, see