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Modify incident closure and reopening behavior

You can change what happens to incidents in Moogsoft Cloud whenever corresponding incidents in ServiceNow are closed or reopened.

Change incident closure behavior

By default, when a ServiceNow Incident is resolved, the corresponding Moogsoft incident is moved to the "Resolved" status, not closed. Enabling the following ServiceNow properties will modify this behavior:

  • To close incidents in Moogsoft whenever corresponding ServiceNow incidents are resolved, enable the Close on Resolve property within ServiceNow.

  • To close incidents in Moogsoft whenever corresponding ServiceNow incidents are closed or cancelled, enable the Enable closing of Moogsoft incident property within ServiceNow.

Synchronize the reopening of incidents

When an incident in Moogsoft is resolved after its corresponding ServiceNow incident is resolved, it’s possible that new alerts entering the Moogsoft incident may cause it to reopen. In this case, the two incidents would be out of sync, with the Moogsoft incident being open and the ServiceNow incident being resolved.

To reopen incidents in ServiceNow whenever the corresponding Moogsoft incidents are reopened, check the Reopen Incidents property within ServiceNow. This will cause the affected ServiceNow incidents to be moved back to the "New" status.


Limitations: If a Moogsoft incident moves from "Open" → "Resolved" → "Open" within a 60 second interval, the status of the corresponding ServiceNow incident will not change. This is a feature to avoid over-notifying flapping alerts, but may cause incidents to be temporarily desynchronized between Moogsoft and ServiceNow.

If you want to avoid desynchronization in such a scenario, check the Close on Resolve property with ServiceNow. This will close Moogsoft incidents whenever corresponding ServiceNow incidents are resolved.