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Vertex Entropy

Vertex Entropy is a Moogsoft Enterprise algorithm that indicates the critical nodes within your topology and their tendency to produce important events. Vertex Entropy pertains to typologies, see Topology Overview. Do not confuse it with event entropy.

You can use Vertex Entropy if you want to cluster alerts into Situations based on their topological importance. Once the calculation is run against a topological map of the connected nodes in your network, it applies a Vertex Entropy value for each node or "vertex".


This diagram shows the Vertex Entropy values for a network of 12 connected nodes. A Vertex Entropy value of 1.0 indicates a node of highest topological importance.


Node: A device or base unit that forms part of a larger network. This is known as a 'vertex' in graph theory.

Link: A connection between two directly connected nodes. This is known as an 'edge' in graph theory.

Hop: The distance between two directly connected nodes.

Set up Vertex Entropy

To set up Vertex Entropy within Cookbook Recipes, see Configure Topology-based Clustering with Vertex Entropy