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Create a Situation Action Workflow Engine

You can create a new Workflow Engine to trigger workflows based upon Situation actions (sigAction). For example, when a new situation is created, updated, or closed. For a full list of Situation actions, see Situation Action Codes.

Before you begin

Before you start to create a Situation Action Workflow Engine:

  • Verify you have SSH access to all core machines that run Moogfarmd.

  • Make sure you have the credentials for the user that runs the Moogsoft processes on the core machine so you can restart Moogfarmd.

Create the Situation Action Workflow Engine Moolet

To create the Situation Action Workflow Engine, add a new Moolet to Moogfarmd on all core machines as follows:

  1. Create and edit a new Moolet configuration file:

  2. Add the following text to the configuration file:

        name: "Situation Action Workflows",
        classname: "com.moogsoft.farmd.moolet.workflowengine.CWorkflowEngine",
        message_type: "situation",
        run_on_startup : true,
        metric_path_moolet: true,
        moobot: "WorkflowEngine.js",
        standalone_moolet: true,
        mooms_event_handler: false,
        event_handlers : [ "SigAction" ]

    The Situation Action Workflow Engine runs outside the data processing flow. Situation actions (Sigaction) trigger the workflows in the standalone engine.

  3. Add the Situation Action Workflow Engine Moolet to the array of Moolets in the Moogfarmd configuration file: $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moog_farmd.conf. For example:

    moolets : [
                include : "alert_inform_workflows.conf"
              { include : "situation_inform_workflows.conf"                            
                include : "situation_action_workflows.conf"
  4. Restart Moogfarmd.

After Moogfarmd restarts, the Situation Action Workflow appears in the list of available Workflow Engines in the Moogsoft Enterprise UI under Settings > Automation > Workflow Engine.

Create a workflow and with an action using the sigActionFilter function to trigger a workflow when the Situation action occurs.