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A Workflow Engine function that removes Situation Correlation Info (sigCorrelationInfo) for the specified service, and optionally for a specified external_id within that service. If no external_id is supplied (the parameter left blank), then all correlation info for the named service for the Situation is removed (allowing a replacement or update without knowing the currently associated external_id).

This action can be used in conjunction with the addCorrelationInfo action to create a replaceCorrelationInfo workflow, removing sigCorrelationInfo and adding a new item.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.5 download and later.

This function is available for Situation workflows only.

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Workflow Engine function removeCorrelationInfo takes the following arguments:








The name of the correlated service (example: ServiceNow).




The external_id within the service to remove.


A Situation has an existing trouble ticket associated with it, and this needs to be updated to a new ticket number.

If the existing Correlation data for the Situation (taken from the Graze API call getSigCorrelationInfo) was:

    "external_id": "INC1234569",
    "sig_id": 200,
    "service_name": "ServiceNow",
    "properties": "{\"service_name\":\"ServiceNow\",\"external_id\":\"INC1234569\"}"

We can see that Situation 200 has an existing Incident (INC1234569) associated with it from ServiceNow. If we want to update this with a new Incident we can do the following:

  • Action 1 : removeCorrelationInfo

    • serviceName : “ServiceNow”

    • externalId : <leave blank>

  • Action 2 : addCorrelationInfo

    • serviceName : “ServiceNow”

    • externalId : $(workflowContext.ticketId)

To initiate this workflow use the Graze endpoint sendToWorkflow with the following payload:

	"engine_name" : "Situation Inform Engine",
	"workflow_name" : "Replace ServiceNow ticket",
	"sitn_id" : 200,
	"context" : {
		"serviceName" : "ServiceNow",
		"ticketId" : "INC999999999"

This replaces the current Incident (INC1234569) with the new ticket. After the workflow runs, the Correlation Info for the Situation has the new Incident number associated.

2  {
3    "external_id": "INC999999999",
4    "sig_id": 200,
5    "service_name": "ServiceNow",
6    "properties": "{\"service_name\":\"ServiceNow\",\"external_id\":\"INC999999999\"}"
7  }


In addition to the above, it may also be necessary to update any Situation attributes to reflect this change (such as with the addCustomInfoValue action).

NOTE: The serviceName argument may also be used as a regular expression using the /<expression/> syntax. If the correlation info matches the pattern, it is removed.

For example, to remove all correlation info associated with the MSTeams integration, this pattern could be used:


Note that regular expressions are case insensitive.