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Known Issues

Moogsoft identified the following problems and defects at the time of the Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0 release.



Self-signed certificates are not trusted by macOS Catalina.


After upgrading macOS to Catalina, the Moogsoft Enterprise UI is inaccessible in Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers because self-signed certificates are no longer trusted.

For workaround instructions see Catalina Browser Certificate Workaround.

UI unresponsive under high load conditions.


Under high load conditions, the UI may become unresponsive and have issues serving content. The UI usually recovers after a few minutes.

[Mobile] Teams / Service left hand navigation panel displays automatically.


On Moogsoft Enterprise for Mobile in Teams / Services, the left hand navigation panel sometimes displays automatically without selecting the menu button.

[Mobile] Comments display chronologically in Collaborate tab.


On Moogsoft Enterprise for Mobile in My Situation > Situation ID > Collaborate, comments are displayed in chronological order instead of sequential order.

For more information, see Collaborate on a Situation.