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Housekeeper Moolet

The Housekeeper Moolet performs the following tasks:

To verify that the Housekeeper Moolet is running, use the HA Control utility with the view argument:

ha_cntl -v

See HA Control Utility Command Reference for more information about this utility.

Configure the Housekeeper Moolet

You can define the behavior of the Housekeeper Moolet by editing the configuration file: $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/housekeeper.conf

Moolets are capable of supporting multiple Moobots. By configuring a Moolet to run multiple Moobots, you can customise the functions of the default Moobot. You can use this feature to customise the actions for Workflow Engine. To do this, locate the moobot property in the Moolet configuration file and add a comma-separated list of the Moobots you want to run.

Housekeeper properties

The Housekeeper Moolet properties are as follows.


Determines whether Housekeeper runs when Moogsoft Enterprise starts. If set to true, Housekeeper performs its background tasks from the moment the system starts, without you having to configure or start it manually.

Type: Boolean

Default: true


Determines whether Housekeeper is factored into the event processing metric for Self Monitoring. See Moogfarmd Reference for more information.

Type: Boolean

Default: false


Determines whether the Housekeeper can listen for events generated by other Moolets within the same Moogfarmd instance without being in a processing chain.

Type: Boolean

Default: true


A comma-separated list of Moobots the Housekeeper Moolet will run.

Type: String

Default: Housekeeper.js

Example configuration

An example Housekeeper Moolet configuration as follows:

    run_on_startup     : true,
    metric_path_moolet : false,
    standalone_moolet  : true,    
    moobot             : "Housekeeper.js"