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A Workflow Engine function that copies multiple fields from an existing alert to a deduplicating event for the alert.

When using this function, the following applies:

  • You can backfill fields from the alert to the event. Choose the forwarding action for this carefully.

  • Returns true when the event has no matching existing alert. The same behavior as if all specified fields copied successfully. To avoid this behavior, use another function to check for event deduplication before copyFromAlertToEvent.

  • If the forwarding behavior is 'Always Forward', there is a risk that the Alert Builder may reject an incomplete event.

  • Use subsequent actions to validate the event and add defaults to any backfilled event fields as needed. For example, if an update event does not include a 'source' attribute, you can use this function to copy 'source' from the existing alert. If the copy fails, the event would have an empty 'source' field causing the Alert Builder to reject it. In this case, create a subsequent action to check for the existence of 'source' which enables you to set a default source for the event if it is undefined.

This function is available as a feature of the Workflow Engine v1.0 and later.

This function is available for event workflows only.

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Workflow Engine function copyFromAlertToEvent takes the following arguments:








Array of fields to copy from the alert to the event.