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Prepare to Enrich

You can configure Moogsoft Enterprise to add data to alerts from an external source in a process called enrichment. Before you start your enrichment project, verify that your enrichment strategy satisfies your business objectives as outlined in your Situation Design. This topic covers preparation as a set up for the enrichment tutorials using the following example objectives:

  • Identify a business case to add data to an alert. Will you use data to drive alert clustering? Or will it provide information operators need to resolve Situations.

  • Research sources and source quality for your enrichment data. Do you have a configuration management database (CMDB) that can provide enrichment data? If so how current is the data in the CMDB? Is it well maintained with current data.

The ability to add data to your alerts is very powerful, however you should always choose to enrich with care. Retrieving information from an external source adds to data processing time and increases the size of alert data.

Example: Prepare to enrich

Imagine for the tutorial examples that you have a monitoring solution sending event data to Moogsoft Enterprise . After interviewing your operators and assessing their needs to resolve Situations, you have identified the following information is missing from your source monitoring data:

  • Physical location

  • Responsible support groups.

Depending on your environment you may choose one of the following solutions:

Fortunately, you have a CMDB that is accessible using JDBC. You can use data from the CMDB to add information to the alert data and help operators resolve Situations.