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Situation Flags

You can use Situation flags to determine actions that users have performed on Situations, such as adding a manual description to a Situation or manually assigning a Situation to a team.

The table below shows the list of codes and the matching description for each Situation flag available in Moogsoft Enterprise:

Flag Code






You can use the following Graze API endpoints and MoogDb V2 methods to create more Situation flags and associate them with Situations. For example, you may want to set up a flag for "TICKETED" when a ticket has been raised for a Situation.

  • checkSituationFlag: Checks whether a flag is associated with a Situation, in Graze API and MoogDb V2.

  • getSituationFlags: Returns the flags for one or an array of Situations, in Graze API and MoogDb V2.

  • getSituationsWithFlag: Returns all the Situations which have the specified flag, in Graze API and MoogDb V2.

  • setSituationFlags: Updates the flags associated with a specified Situation, in Graze API and MoogDb V2.