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Create the Enrichment API Data Store

Before you install the Enrichment API Integration for Moogsoft Enterprise, set up the data store for the API.


Update the Enrichment API data store

To support age scoped deletion via the API, the moog_enrichment database schema has been amended to add a lastupdate column to the data table that is auto-populated with the time that the row was created or updated.

On a new install, the latest bundled version of the includes an updated that will create the moog_enrichment schema.

On an existing install, a new -s option has been included to just perform a schema update. To perform a schema update:

$MOOGSOFT_HOME/contrib/moog_enrichment_utils/bin/ \
-u <database root user> \
-p <optional database root user password> \
-d <database host>:<database port> \