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A Workflow Engine function with an action-specific recipient list (sendTo) that sends an email using a predefined message template.

This function differs from the standard sendEmailUsingTemplate as it does not require a CEvent object—it is “eventless” (see Eventless workflows). All of the required parameters can be passed into the action via the workflow context.

This function is designed to be called using the sendToWorkflow function (WFE or Graze API call), which supplies the required parameters in the context of the call.


A template that references CEvent fields will fail to substitute (as no CEvent is passed to the action). Any template this action uses should reference workflowContext values for substitution.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.4 download and later.

This function is available for alert and Situation workflows.

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Workflow Engine function sendEmailUsingTemplateFromInform takes the following arguments:








The Server Config Name from the Email Endpoints integration. It contains the connection information for your email server.




Message Template Name from the Email Endpoints integration. The template contains the message subject and body rules for the email message.


To send an email via Graze using the sendToWorkflow API call, complete the following steps:

Add the template to the Email Integration

Define an email template in the usual way, ensuring any value substitution is for workflowContext values and not CEvent values.

Message Subject:
New Incident $workflowContext.incident_id $workflowContext.incidentDescription
Message Body:
Hi, <br>
A new incident has been created in MOC, the incident id is $workflowContext.incident_id 
and description is $workflowContext.incidentDescription. <br> 

The severity is $workflowContext.severity<br>.  

The incident can be seen here: $workflowContext.incidentURL. <br> 

Moogsoft Observability Cloud

Add a workflow to the Alert Inform Engine that includes the sendEmailUsingTemplateFromInform action


Execute the Graze call, including all the required attributes in the context parameter

Note: Ensure the content contains all the required parameters for substitution. In this example, this includes:

  • incident_id

  • incidentDescripton

  • severity

  • incidentURL

  • sendTo

	"engine_name" : "Alert Inform Engine",
	"workflow_name" : "Email Using Inform",	
	"context" : {
		"incident_id" :  12345,
		"incidentDescription" : "Application situation for APP001, 3 hosts have been affected",
		"severity" : "Major",
		"sendTo" : "",
		"incidentURL" : ""

The email subject would look like this:

And the email body: