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Process Events with the Workflow Engine

By default, the first component in Moogsoft Enterprise that listens for new events arriving at the message bus is the Event Workflows moolet. The Event Workflow Engine is part of the Workflow Engine framework. It listens for all new events on the standard event stream where LAMs/LAMBots will send events.

You can create alternate event streams, but, if so, you must write a new Event Workflows component to process these events differently. This is better than writing conditional logic into every component when you need different processing. Configure the event streams an Event Workflow moolet listens for in the in the event_streams property of its configuration file. See Create a Workflow Engine Moolet for more information on creating a new Workflow Engine moolet.

For all Workflow Engines, the ones delivered with the product and new ones you add, you configure the programmatic data processing in the Moogsoft Enterprise UI. See Workflow Engine for more information.

The following video tutorial introduces the Event Workflow Engine:

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