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Patch Moogsoft Enterprise

This topic describes how to patch Moogsoft Enterprise to v8.2.0 from any of the following versions:

  • v8.0.0.0

  • v8.0.0.1

  • v8.0.0.2

  • v8.0.0.3

  • v8.0.0.4

  • v8.0.0.5

  • v8.0.0.6

  • v8.0.0.7


Users wishing to patch only to the latest v8.0.0.x release should follow this process: Patch Moogsoft Enterprise RPM for v8.0.x or Patch Moogsoft Enterprise Tarball for v8.0.x

SaaS customers can contact support to request an upgrade, see Upgrading and Updating Your Moogsoft Hosted Instances.

For information on how to upgrade from other versions, see Moogsoft Releases.

For instructions on how to install a distributed high availability (HA) configuration, see Fully Distributed HA Installation.

Your patching path depends on your preferred mode of deployment:

  • RPM: Use this method if you have root access to your Moogsoft Enterprise servers and you do not want to change the default installation locations.

    Process guide: Patch Moogsoft Enterprise RPM for v8.1.x

  • Tarball: Use this method if you need to run the process as a non-root user, or you want the ability to deploy to a non-default location and install all components under one directory.

    The Tarball installer is hosted on the Moogsoft "speedy" Yum repository: Contact Moogsoft Support for access if you do not already have an account.

    Process guide: Patch Moogsoft Enterprise Tarball for v8.1.x

  • If you have root access but your Moogsoft Enterprise servers do not have access to the internet, see "Prepare for an offline upgrade" in RPM - Prepare to upgrade. Process guide: