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You can integrate Moogsoft Enterprise with the Dynatrace application performance management tool via several mechanisms. The method you choose is dependent upon the details of your Dynatrace and Moogsoft Enterprise implementations. The options are:

  • Dynatrace Notification: If you are using Dynatrace SaaS and Moogsoft Hosted, use the Dynatrace Notification method. It was designed to be used with cloud platforms and is the most effective and efficient integration method for this deployment.

  • Dynatrace APM Plugin: If you are using Moogsoft Hosted but your Dynatrace implementation is on-premises, we recommend using the Dynatrace APM Plugin method. It uses a push mechanism which sends triggered incidents to Moogsoft Enterprise.

  • Dynatrace APM Polling: The Dynatrace APM integration method employs a polling technique which is useful when Dynatrace cannot push events to Moogsoft Enterprise due to firewall or security issues. You may therefore want to use this method if you are using Moogsoft Enterprise and Dynatrace SaaS.