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Analyze Your ServiceNow Data

Before you can configure Moogsoft Enterprise to add data to alerts from ServiceNow, gather the required information about your ServiceNow system. This topic covers analysis in the the first step in the ServiceNow enrichment example Enrich Alerts with ServiceNow Data.

The following diagram illustrates the process to enrich alert data from ServiceNow:


Identify the following about your ServiceNow system:

  • The URL for your ServiceNow Incident Management instance. If Moogsoft Enterprise must connect to ServiceNow through a proxy, collect the proxy information.

  • Credentials with API access to ServiceNow. The user you choose can be a non-interactive user with "Web service access only", but it must have the cmdb_read role.

  • The ServiceNow data you want to use in your alerts. The ServiceNow Enrichment Integration includes default data from the cmdb_ci table.

  • The fields in your alert data that relate to the database tables. Make note if different types of alerts store the relationship in different fields. By default the integration maps the field from ServiceNow to the source field in alerts.

After your collect information about your ServiceNow data, you are ready to Configure the ServiceNow Enrichment Integration .

Step 1 example: Analyze ServiceNow data

The following sections outline the database details you need during the ServiceNow Enrichment Integration configuration step:

ServiceNow connection information

The example scenario uses the following ServiceNow sample connection information:

  • URL:

  • user: enricher

  • password: password123

Table information

Location and support group data is stored in the cmdb_ci table. The field relates to the source field in your alerts. For example, given the following alert data:

{ ... "source":"lnux100", ...}

ServiceNow provides the following enrichment data:

  • location: 1265 Battery St., San Francisco, CA

  • support group: SF NOC

Learn More

To continue with the JDBC Enrichment example, go to step 2: Configure the ServiceNow Enrichment Integration.

For more information about tables in ServiceNow, see the ServiceNow docs.