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A Graze API GET request that returns a JSON object containing the names and configuration details of active SAML security realms.

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Request arguments

Endpoint getSecurityRealm takes the following request argument:

Endpoint getSecurityRealm takes no other arguments because this endpoint returns data on all active security realms.


Endpoint getSecurityRealm returns the following response:

Successful requests return a JSON object containing the following:




JSON Object


The name of the created Security Realms followed by its configured variables.


The following examples demonstrate typical use of endpoint getSecurityRealm:

Request example

Example cURL request to return the configuration of any active security realm in Moogsoft Enterprise:

curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getSecurityRealms"

Response example

Successful requests return a JSON object representing the active realms. The following example shows a test SAML realm:

    "Test Saml Realm":
            "defaultTeams":["Cloud DevOps"],
            "fullname":"$FirstName $LastName",
        "name":"Test Saml Realm",