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This action parses the event.overflow field into a JSON object and copies the resulting object into the workflowContext.overflow object. This allows unmapped event data available within the event workflows.

The event.overflow data is populated by a LAM, and contains all of the data present in the source event that was not mapped by the LAM mapping process. This overflow data is not impacted by extraction within a lambot, and is passed as a string in the event to the Event Workflows.

This action will always return true, if the parsing of the overflow data fails for any reason, an empty object ( {} ) will be copied into the workflowContext.overflow object.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.3.5 download and later.

This function is available for event workflows only.

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Workflow Engine function parseOverflow has no arguments.


An event sent to the Webhook integration contains an unmapped object. We want to use conditional logic on this object to alter the severity of the event.

"errorDetails" : {
  "errorCode" : 099,
  "errorDescription" : "Significant error - urgent attention required"

This would be a string payload in the event, with other unmapped data:

"overflow":"{\"errorDetails\":{\"errorDescription\":\"Significant error - urgent attention required\",\"errorCode\":99},\"LamInstanceName\":\"DATA_SOURCE\"}"

To access this data in a workflow, you can examine and extract this data as a string. However, it is far easier to extract as a JSON object. In this case, we want to alter the severity of the event of the errorCode is 99.

In the Event Workflows, create a workflow with the following actions:

  • parseOverflow

    Parses and copies the overflow string to a JSON object in workflowContext.overflow. After this action the workflowContext contains:

    WORKFLOW CONTEXT: EVENT: 18701BEB-DA53-4740-9F75-ABB60EA9C1AC :  : 
        "overflow": {
            "errorDetails": {
                "errorDescription": "Significant error - urgent attention required",
                "errorCode": 99
            "LamInstanceName": "DATA_SOURCE"
  • compareFields

    leftSide : $(workflowContext.overflow.errorDetais.errorCode) -- Substitute the value from the workflowContext into the action.

    operator : =

    rightSide : 99

  • setSeverity

    severity : 5

You can also use this action to map JSON fields with a whitespace in the key — for example if you want to extract the value of [“Root Cause”].cdn:

  "Root Cause" : {
    "cdn" : "someValue"}

Currently the Webhook mapping does not allow keys with white spaces to be mapped (MOOG-17234 has been filed to address this omission).

Using the parseOverflow action, we can extract this data with the following workflow:

  • parseOverflow

  • copyFromContext

    from : overflow[“Root Cause”].cdn

    to : custom_info.cdn

    Note the use of the [ “…”] notation for accessing a whitespace containing key.

The workflowContext would contain:

WORKFLOW CONTEXT: EVENT: 756B65AA-72FA-4C43-B818-016F1BACBC64 :  : 
    "overflow": {
        "Root Cause": {
            "cdn": "someValue"

And the resulting event would contain:

"custom_info": {
        "cdn": "someValue"