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End of Support Notice: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Standard support* for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and all prior versions, ends on January 31, 2020. Moogsoft will no longer provide technical support services, enhancements, or any maintenance fixes related to Internet Explorer 11 in any versions of Moogsoft AIOps.

*Standard support refers to Moogsoft's standard contract. Refer to the terms of your agreement to verify your level of support.

Affected users

Customers running any version of Moogsoft AIOps who are currently using IE11.


Consider using Microsoft Edge or an alternative browser. See Microsoft Internet Explorer Lifecycle FAQs for more information.



Why is Moogsoft ceasing support of IE11?

Moogsoft continually strives to give our customers exemplary experience and value while being mindful of delivering this in the most secure manner available. To this aim, we are constantly looking how best to deliver a state-of-the-art, contemporary, potent, performant and intuitive user experience. For this reason, we have taken the decision to discontinue support for IE11 for the following reasons:

  • Updates: Since Microsoft released the Edge browser in 2015, all major feature improvements have been delivered in Edge, with IE11 restricted to minor non-functional updates only. Microsoft have stated that “the latest features and platform updates will only be available in Microsoft Edge”.

  • Security: Since Microsoft released the Edge browser in 2015, all major security updates have been delivered in Edge only. In addition, IE11 only supports TLS 1.0 by default.

  • Technical Debt: Due to the antiquated architecture of IE11 and its more error-prone code base, Moogsoft's UI development is inhibited by a factor of approximately 50% to ensure we can deliver functional parity for IE11 in comparison to contemporary browsers. We also receive a significant number of IE11-specific bugs. This slows down our engineers from delivering further enhancements and improvements to our customers across more modern platforms.

  • Architecture: IE11 limits the extent of how we can take advantage of the very latest elements of CSS, HTML, and Javascript APIs. This severely restricts the capabilities we wish to deliver to our customers. This is because IE11 is unable to take advantage of these technologies to the same level, if at all, as the latest browser platforms.

  • Performance: Supporting IE11 has necessitated the need to bloat our code base. This has had a negative impact on performance.


Will this affect my organisation?

If you are already using any of our supported browsers other than IE11, you will not be affected.

If your organisation plans to keep using IE11 after January 31st, 2020, you will be affected.

If your organisation employs a legacy HTTP client to integrate with Moogsoft AIOps, you will be affected.

We recommend those customers affected start making plans to incorporate the use of one of the other supported browsers in addition to IE11 to minimise any workflow impact.


What steps should my organisation take now?

If use of a Microsoft browser is a corporate mandate or preference, Moogsoft recommends migrating to the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Not only is Edge more secure and performant, it also offers greater interoperability and compatibility with other browser platforms because it has adopted the Chromium technology as its rendering engine for the future. Microsoft has already stated that Edge will be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows on a more frequent cadence.


I have further questions. Who should I pose them to?

Should you have further questions beyond those answered above, feel free to contact your Moogsoft Technical Support, your Moogsoft Account Manager, or our Customer Success team.