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A Workflow Engine function that creates a “Situation Digest” - a summary of the Situation details that can be used as part of an outbound payload. This is designed to be used during significant Situation lifecycle events when sharing data with a neighbor system. For example: Sending a digest to a trouble ticketing or notification system on creation and closure of a Situation.

The following details will be included in the digest:

Digest key


Situation ID

The Situation ID (sig_id).


The current Situation description (truncated to 256 chars).


The internal_priority converted to a human readable severity (ex. Clear, Critical, etc.).


The created_at time as a locale specific time string (ex. 11 August 2022 at 11:45:49 BST).


The full name of the current moderator.

Total Alerts

The total number of alerts in the Situation.

Total Unique Alerts

The total number of unique alerts in the Situation.


The current Situation category (Closed, Superseded etc.).


The current status translated to a human readable status (Closed, Resolved, Assigned etc.).

Thread Entries

The number of current comments in the Collaboration tab.

Num. Impacted Services

The number of impacted services.

Num. Impacted Teams

The number of impacted teams.

Primary Team

The name of the primary team if one has been set, otherwise “None”.

PRC Causal Alerts

The number of alerts in the Situation that have been marked as being causal.

PRC Symptom Alerts

The number of alerts in the Situation that have been marked as being symptoms.

PRC Unlabelled Alerts

The number of alerts that have not been labeled as either causal or symptoms.

PRC Alert

The alert ID and root cause probability percentage of the top PRC alert (if this is not present, then no PRC alert was found).

Num. Impacted Hosts

The number of unique impacted hosts (alert sources) in the Situation.

Resolving Steps

Boolean (true or false) if the Situation has one or more resolving steps.

Created By

The mechanism the Situation was created by (Cookbook, Manual Merge etc.).

Cookbook Name

The name of the Cookbook that the Situation was created by. This will only exist if the “Created By” is “Cookbook”.

Recipe Name

The name of the Recipe within the Cookbook that the Situation was created by. This will only exist if the “Created By” is “Cookbook”.

Reference Alert

The Alert ID of the reference alert (the first alert in the Situation).


A link to the Situation in the Moogsoft UI.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.6 download and later.

This function is available for Situation workflows only.

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Workflow Engine function situationDigest has no arguments.


The following example demonstrates typical use of Workflow Engine function situationDigest.

Here is an example digest in the workflowContext (workflowContext.digest) from a Cookbook created Situation with PRC values, impacted teams and services:

    "digest": {
        "Situation ID": 294,
        "Description": "Source",
        "Severity": "Critical",
        "Created": "11 August 2022 at 11:45:49 BST",
        "Moderator": "Moog",
        "Total Alerts": 4,
        "Total Unique Alerts": 4,
        "Category": "Detected",
        "Status": "Opened",
        "Thread Entries": 0,
        "Num. Impacted Services": 0,
        "Num. Impacted Teams": 0,
        "Primary Team": "None",
        "PRC Causal Alerts": 2,
        "PRC Symptom Alerts": 2,
        "PRC Unlabelled Alerts": 0,
        "PRC Alert": "36399 (99%)",
        "Num. Impacted Hosts": 1,
        "Resolving Steps": false,
        "Created By": "Cookbook",
        "Cookbook Name": "Default Cookbook",
        "Recipe Name": "Source",
        "Reference Alert": 36399,
        "URL": "https://moog8/#/situation/294"