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Situation Enrichment

Enrichment for Situations in Moogsoft Enterprise is for adding contextual data to Situations. This can include the following types of information:

  • Operational data to modify the behavior within Moogsoft Enterprise such as ownership or geographic info to drive automatic assignment.

  • Diagnostic data to help investigation efforts. For example appending the results of a runbook automation to a Situation discussion thread.

  • Informational data for efficiency, such as ITSM ticketing information and bidirectional updates.

You can enrich the following:

  • Situation description from:

    • related alert properties

    • context of the clustering algorithm that created the Situation.

  • processes_affected and services_affected from data in an external data source, to drive team assignment. In this case you can use core Situation fields or custom_info fields to query the external data source.

  • Other Situation core fields or custom_info fields.

Situation enrichment options

You can use the following options for Situation enrichment:

  • Built-in enrichment that doesn't require any custom code:

    • The Situation Workflow Engine workflow engine functions let you modify Situation custom_info properties and change the Situation description. You can also assign or change the services_affected and process_affected properties. See Process Situations with the Situation Workflow Engine.

    • Recipe settings that dynamically substitute alert property aggregates and other data into Situations based on special commands embedded into the Situation description. For information on how to use substitution in recipes, see Situation Manager Labeler.

  • Custom enrichment that requires coding custom Enricher Moolet. This requires you to write JavaScript using the provided Mooot Modules See Moobot Modules.

Learn more

For more information on enrichment, see Enrichment Overview.

For more information on the Workflow Engine, see Workflow Engine.

For training on the Situation Enrichment and the Situation Workflow Engine, see Situation Enrichment and the Situation Workflow Engine on Moogsoft University. You will need access credentials to view it. Please contact your account manager to receive credentials.