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Office 365 Email

The Office 365 Email integration allows you to retrieve emails using the Microsoft Graph API to connect to Office 365 accounts and send them to Moogsoft Enterprise as events.

When you use the integrations UI, you can only configure the visible properties. If you want to implement a more complex Office 365 Email LAM with custom settings, see Configure the Office 365 Email LAM.

See the Office 365 documentation for details on Microsoft components.

Before you begin

Before you start to set up your Office 365 Email integration, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have registered an App in Azure Active Directory with the following permissions:

    • Mail.ReadWrite (Application): This enables the integration to read email messages and mark as read/delete on retrieval. Note that an Application permission enables access to all Mailboxes within the organization.

      See the Microsoft Azure documentation for instructions on restricting the application to a particular Mailbox.

  • You have enabled Access Token Implicit grant flow (located under the Authentication section) for the registered App. See the Microsoft Azure documentation for more information.

  • You have noted the following details from the registered App:

    • Application (Client) ID

    • Client Secret

    • Directory (Tenant) ID

    • Email address

Configure the Office 365 Email Integration

To configure the Office 365 Email integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  2. Click Office 365 Email in the Monitoring section.

  3. Provide a unique integration name. You can use the default name or customize the name according to your needs.

  4. Provide connection details for Office 365.

You do not need to perform any other integration-specific steps for Office 365. After you configure the integration, it polls Office 365 at regular intervals to collect email messages (every 60 seconds by default). For a list of the mappable attributes in the event payload, refer to the Office 365 documentation.


  • The Office 365 Email integration only monitors folders at root level. Subfolders are not monitored.

  • When using the Subject or Body filter, include at least two alpha-numeric characters.

  • The Office 365 Email integration does not process all unread emails in the inbox. It ingests new emails that arrive after you deploy the integration.