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Configuration Migration Utility

The Configuration Migration utility upgrades your existing Moogsoft Enterprise configuration files for merge groups and the Cookbook and Tempus moolets to make them compatible with Moogsoft Enterprise 7.3.

The utility is embedded in Moogfarmd and runs automatically the first time a 7.3 instance of Moogfarmd is started.

The file_only_config property in moog_farmd.conf serves two purposes related to the configuration migration utility:

  • Setting the property to true before upgrading prevents the configuration migration utility from running.

  • Setting the property to true after upgrading causes Moogsoft Enterprise to ignore all database configurations for Cookbook and Tempus clustering algorithms as well as merge groups, and only load their file configurations instead.

See Moogfarmd Reference for more information on Moogfarmd properties.

The following also applies to the Configuration Migration utility:

  • The utility migrates the default merge group to your database. Any moolets that do not have a merge group explicitly defined will use the default merge group.

  • The utility only migrates Tempus and Cookbook moolets. If a merge group contains Feedback or Classic Sigaliser, the utility still migrates the merge group, but without these moolets within it.

  • During the upgrade process, the utility tarballs and copies all 7.2 configuration files to a backup folder. The utility provides you with the location of these during the upgrade.

  • The utility notifies you of any conflicts during the upgrade. To avoid loss of data, it renames any moolets, merge groups and cookbook recipes in the file it is attempting to migrate to the database.