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A Workflow Engine function that processes responses from Micro Focus OO Automation.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.2 download and later.

This function is available for alert and Situation workflows.

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Workflow Engine function processMicroFocusOOAutomationResponse has no arguments.


This function, in conjunction with the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration integration, handles responses back from Micro Focus OO containing the execution results from launched flows.

The integration adds a new workflow “Process Micro Focus OO Response” to both the “Situation Inform Engine” and “Alert Inform Engine” Workflow Engine containing this function. The function is “eventless” and can handle responses for both alerts and Situations.

Trigger the function using a request of this format:

curl -X POST -k -u ${grazeuser}:${grazepw} \
     ${aiopshost}/graze/v1/sendToWorkflow?refjectUnauthorized=false \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d \ 
     '{ "workflow_name":"Process Micro Focus OO Response",
        "engine_name":"Situation Inform Engine",

The ${ceventtype}, ${ceventid} and ${instance} variables are taken from the triggering request. The ${status}, ${formattedResults} and ${resultsLink} variables update with the flow results.