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Collaboration Thread Entries

To set up forwarding of situation collaboration thread entries to Webex, verify that the “Post to Webex Incident” outbound notification workflow is enabled.

To trigger the outbound notification, add a workflow to the “Situation Delta” workflow engine that includes the “sendThreadEntryToIncident” action. For example:

Workflow Name: Post to Webex Incident

Action Name



Forwarding Behaviour

0 seconds


0 seconds


Check action


{"actionTypes":["Added Entry To Thread"]}

Stop This Workflow

Get thread entry



Stop This Workflow

Trigger send to Webex


{"serviceName":"webex","prependText":"Moogsoft message: "}

Stop This Workflow

The serviceName should be “webex” and all other fields should be empty unless the prependText argument specifies an optional prefix to add to the replies, e.g. the string “Moogsoft message: “.

The thread entries appear as replies to the Webex incident message in the format:

Moogsoft message: <moogsoft user name>:: <thread entry text>