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Restore a Cookbook or Recipe

You can restore an earlier version of a Cookbook or a Recipe.

You must have the super_privileges permission to restore earlier versions of Cookbooks and Recipes.

Restore an earlier version of a Cookbook or Recipe

  1. Go to Settings > System > Change History.

    The left hand panel is a Cookbook and Recipe version timeline. Each version in the timeline has the creation date and time, the user who created that version, and the category (recipe or cookbook).

    The right hand panel shows the changes made to the Cookbook or Recipe for that version. For example, Recipe type, Situation description or alert threshold.

    See Configure a Cookbook Recipe and Recipe Types for more information on these settings.Recipe Types

  2. Select a Cookbook or Recipe version.

  3. Select Restore to restore the selected version of the Cookbook or Recipe.

    In the Restore Saved Configuration box, select Yes.

    In the Restore Successful box, select OK.


When you restore an earlier Cookbook or Recipe version, Moogsoft Enterprise deletes all later versions of that Cookbook or Recipe.

The version timeline automatically updates, and the version you restored will be at the top of the timeline.

If you restore a version of a Recipe attached to a Cookbook instead of restoring the entire Cookbook, Moogsoft Enterprise detaches the Recipe from the Cookbook before restoring the earlier version. You must then re-attach the restored version of the Recipe to the Cookbook.

See Configure a Cookbook and Configure a Cookbook Recipe for more information.

Another user changes or restores a Cookbook or Recipe

If you are looking at a Recipe or Cookbook in the Change History page and another user changes that Cookbook or Recipe, you will see the following warning message:

There are new changes available. Refresh this page to see the changes.

Refresh the page to remove the message and see the updated version timeline.

If you’re configuring a Recipe or Cookbook and another user restores an earlier version of that Recipe or Cookbook, that Recipe or Cookbook configuration automatically updates to the restored version. You will see the following warning message:

System is restored by the other user. Updated the current list of changes.

Restore a Cookbook that is part of a merge group

Merge groups always use the latest version of a Cookbook. If you restore an earlier version of a Cookbook that a merge group uses, that merge group automatically updates to use the restored Cookbook as this version is now the latest version.

If restoring an earlier Cookbook version means that a merge group is empty, Moogsoft Enterprise automatically deletes that merge group.

If you delete a Cookbook that is part of a merge group, Moogsoft Enterprise removes that Cookbook from the merge group. If you then restore the deleted Cookbook, Moogsoft Enterprise does not automatically add that Cookbook back into the merge group.

See Configure Merge Groups for more information.

Restore a Recipe with an associated topology

In order to restore a Recipe that filters on a named topology, the topology must still exist in Moogsoft Enterprise.