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Create a Workflow to Forward to ServiceNow Enrichment

To set up ServiceNow Enrichment in Moogsoft Enterprise, configure a workflow in the Enrichment Workflow Engine to forward alerts to the Servi Enrichment Workflow. This topic covers the third step in the ServiceNow enrichment example .

The following diagram illustrates the process to enrich alert data from ServiceNow:


The ServiceNow Enrichment Workflow Engine doesn't process alerts as part of the standard data processing flow. The Enrichment Workflow engine listens for alerts coming from the Alert Builder, so you can create an enrichment workflow with an action that uses the forward function to send alerts to "ServiceNow Enrichment Workflows".

Step 3 example: create an enrichment workflow to forward to ServiceNow enrichment

In the example scenario, you want to enrich all alerts with information from ServiceNow. Therefore, create a new workflow in the Enrichment Workflow Engine as follows:

  1. Create a workflow called "Forward for enrichment" as follows:

    • Description: "Forward alerts to ServiceNow Enrichment"

    • Entry filter: custom_info.mooghandling.isEnriched' != true

      This way we don't attempt to enrich any alerts that have already been enriched.

    • Sweep up filter: <leave blank>

    • First match only: <leave unchecked>

  2. Add an action into the workflow called "Forward to ServiceNow Enrichment Workflow" as follows:

    • Function: forward

    • Arguments:

      moolet: "ServiceNow Enrichment"

    • Forwarding Behavior: Always Forward

  3. Add an action into the workflow called "Stop workflow processing" to prevent additional alert processing before the enrichment completes.

    • Function: stop

    • Arguments: Stop All Workflows.

When this workflow is active, it forwards new alerts that have not been previously enriched to the ServiceNow Enrichment Workflow Engine.

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