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A Workflow Engine function that returns a thread entry for a thread in a Situation.

You can use this function to retrieve and store thread entries under the threadEntry key in the workflowContext field for use in a Situation workflow. You can only use this function with Situations that contain threads with an entry_id .

getThreadEntry returns true if a thread entry exists and has been successfully retrieved. Otherwise, this function returns false.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.1 download and later. See Install Moogsoft Add-ons for information on how to upgrade.

This function is available for Situation workflows only.

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Workflow Engine function getThreadEntry has no arguments.


The action is intended to be used in a SigAction Workflow Engine. You can use it after a sigActionFilter action to limit to specific sigAction codes, for example “Added Entry To Thread”. Used on its own it will retrieve the threadEntry for any sigAction that contains an entry_id.