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Important product information for current hosted Enterprise customers

Notification date: February 16, 2023

Who is affected: All current Moogsoft Hosted (formerly known as Moogsoft Enterprise SaaS or Moogsoft AIOps SaaS) customers, including hosted customers with on-premise components.

Due to upcoming end of support by Red Hat and Amazon for key product dependencies, Moogsoft will migrate all hosted customers to Moogsoft Hosted (formerly known as Moogsoft Enterprise SaaS or Moogsoft AIOps SaaS) v9.x by June 2024. Moogsoft will schedule and perform the upgrades to Moogsoft Hosted v9.x with each customer. Customers with deployments that include on-premise components will need to upgrade those components to v9.x on their own to ensure continued support.

Moogsoft Hosted v9.x contains operating system, database, and product updates necessary to ensure deployments can be kept up to date with the latest security fixes provided by third-party dependencies. This means that after scheduled upgrades are completed by June 2024, only v9.0 or later will be supported in hosted or mixed deployments. (As described in a prior product notice, Moogsoft Onprem versions prior to v9.0 will not be supported after October 2023.) The following configurations will not be supported:

  • Moogsoft Hosted v8.x and earlier

  • Moogsoft Hosted v9.x with on-premise v8.x and earlier components

  • Moogsoft Onprem v8.x and earlier

Moogsoft Hosting Operations will work with customers to ensure on-premise components are properly upgraded.