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Important product information for current on-premise Enterprise customers

Notification date: 31 May, 2022

Who is affected: All current Moogsoft Onprem customers (formerly known as Moogsoft Enterprise or Moogsoft AIOps).

Due to upcoming end of support by Red Hat and Percona for key product dependencies, Moogsoft is releasing Moogsoft Onprem v9.0 (formerly known as Moogsoft Enterprise or Moogsoft AIOps) later this summer, which will allow users to continue using Moogsoft Onprem beyond the upcoming end-of-life dates. Current customers should take note of key dates and begin planning to upgrade to v9.0, although no specific action is required at this time.

The v9.0 release will require RHEL 8.x as the host operating system (specifically v8.6 minimum) for on-premise deployments. This requirement ensures the product and the server itself can be kept up to date with the latest security fixes provided by third-party dependencies. RHEL7 will no longer be supported by Red Hat from June 2024. Also required in v9.0 is Percona XtraDB cluster v8.x for security fixes and performance improvements. Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 will no longer be supported by Percona from October 2023.

This means that, as of October 2023, only v9.0 will be supported. No other versions will be supported, including Moogsoft Onprem (Enterprise) v8.x, as of October 2023.

Note that this end-of-support date also applies to customers who purchase extended support from Red Hat and Percona.

The upgrade path for existing deployments is recommended to be a Blue-Green deployment where a new set of RHEL8 servers is provisioned, the existing configuration files are copied across, then the old database is imported into the new Percona v8 database. It will be possible to import a Moogsoft Onprem v8.x database into a Moogsoft Onprem v9.x install, and then perform the upgrade on the new server.

Moogsoft provides detailed upgrade documentation to assist customers with their move to the Moogsoft Onprem v9.0 releases. Read the Updates for Moogsoft Onprem v9.x topic for these detailed instructions.