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Topologies API

The Topologies API allows you to create, modify, retrieve and delete topologies and their nodes and links. You can use the clone and replace endpoints to update a copy of an existing topology and then replace an active topology with the updated version.

You can use the Topologies API to create and manage small topologies, but this is impractical for large topologies. If your topology .csv file is larger than 40 MB Moogsoft recommends using the Topology Loader utility.

See Load a Topology for information on the loader utility. Contact Moogsoft Support if you experience difficulties or need further guidance.


See Topologies API Endpoint Reference for details of all the Topologies API endpoints.

API definition

All Topologies API requests use the following URL format, where <server> is the hostname of the machine running the Moogsoft Enterprise UI:



API behavior

The following behavior and restrictions apply to the Topologies API:

  • The endpoints do not allow for filtering, sorting, limiting or pagination.

  • To change the name of a topology, use the /topologies/{topologyName}/replace endpoint.

  • You cannot change the name of a node. This is by design, to preserve data consistency.

  • You cannot replace, rename or delete a topology or set it to "inactive" if it's being used to filter a Recipe.

  • All POST and PUT requests are batched automatically by the API.

  • Topology names and node names are saved in lowercase.

  • GET and DELETE operations are case insensitive.

  • If you attempt to create, retrieve, modify or delete nodes or links for a topology that does not exist, you will receive a 400 "bad request" response.

For more information on the behavior of individual endpoints, see the Topologies API Endpoint Reference.


To use the Topologies API, you must have the super_privileges permission. See Role Permissions for more information.

All requests require a basic authentication header.