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Opsgenie Integration Workflow

The bidirectional Opsgenie integration keeps critical information synchronized between Moogsoft Enterprise and Opsgenie.

If enabled, this integration allows you to:

  • Create an Opsgenie alert from a Moogsoft Enterprise Situation that is Open or In Progress.

  • Add notes to an Opsgenie alert which appear in the related Moogsoft Enterprise Situation Room comments and vice versa.

  • Change the status of a Situation to change the status of the linked Opsgenie alert and vice versa.


It is not possible to create a Moogsoft Enterprise Situation from an Opsgenie alert.

Service mappings

Service mappings determine how Opsgenie teams map with Situations. You can configure the integration to map Moogsoft Enterprise services or teams to Opsgenie teams:

  • Match on Moogsoft Enterprise Service Names for Situations: Maps Moogsoft Enterprise services to Opsgenie teams.

  • Match on Moogsoft Enterprise Team Names for Situations: Maps Moogsoft Enterprise teams to Opsgenie teams.

  • Alert Services Path: Specifies which custom_info value contains a list of Opsgenie teams applicable to an alert when you manually run the alert client tool. To use this setting to automatically raise Opsgenie alerts, you must configure an action in an alert Workflow Engine, as the 'Notify Opsgenie' workflow only applies to Situations.

You can also add custom team mappings for Situations. These allow you to manually map services and teams to Opsgenie teams if you want to map services that automatic matching does not encapsulate.

Create an Opsgenie alert from a Situation

You can manually create a Opsgenie alerts from a Situation in Moogsoft Enterprise as follows:

  1. Open a Situation view such as Open Situations.

  2. Right-click on the Situation you want to create a Opsgenie issue from.

  3. Click Tools and Raise with Opsgenie in the drop-down menu.

  4. Click OK on the response status pop-up window to continue.

After completing these steps, a new alert appears in Opsgenie. You can only associate one Moogsoft Enterprise Situation with an open Opsgenie alert at a time. To associate a Situation with a different alert, you must close the Opsgenie alert it is currently associated with.

Status mappings

When you change the status of a Situation in Moogsoft Enterprise, the status of the associated issue in Opsgenie changes and vice versa.

The default status mappings to Opsgenie are as follows:

Moogsoft Enterprise


Acknowledge Situation Moderator

Acknowledges Opsgenie alert.

Unacknowledge Situation Moderator

Unacknowledges Opsgenie alert.

Assigned Moderator

Assigns Opsgenie alert.

Situation Resolved

Closes Opsgenie alert.

Situation Closed

Closes Opsgenie alert.

Situation Team Changes

Adds new teams as responders to Opsgenie alert.

The default status mappings to Moogsoft Enterprise are as follows:


Moogsoft Enterprise


Associates Opsgenie alert with an alert.


Assigns and acknowledges associated alert or Situation.


Closes associated alert or resolves associated Situation.

Take Ownership

Assigns associated alert or Situation to the owner.

Assign Ownership

Assigns associated alert or Situation to the target.

Add Note

Adds a collaboration thread entry to associated Situation.

If Opsgenie does not find a corresponding user to assign to in Moogsoft Enterprise, the integration assigns the associated Situation to the configured integration user.